Milwaukee model numbers explained

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Please select your account.Email required. The range offers unrivaled power, durability and efficiency, which greatly improves productivity. You can work anywhere, even in tight spaces, without compromising on power. Due to the lightweight nature of these tools, you can work for longer without feeling muscle fatigue. Moreso than standard power tools, the M18 family of Milwaukee tools offers high-performance, superior control, long run times, higher efficiency and better durability.

With each unit equipped with advanced technology, Milwaukee M18 tools really do go above and beyond, allowing you to complete jobs faster and to a higher standard.

Read on to learn more about what sets these tools apart from the rest. Milwaukee 4-pole brushed motors are standard in the M18 range, and one thing that makes them unique is that they feature rare-earth magnets. The most durable of any permanent magnet, rare-earth magnets provide a stronger magnetic field than injection-molded composites and ferrite magnets.

Milwaukee 4-pole brushed motors are strong and durable, yet lightweight and compact, allowing for smaller, lighter power tools while maintaining performance.

The M18 system uses Redlithium batteries that provide more power, a greater lifespan and longer run time. Lasting 40 percent longer between charges than standard volt batteries from other brands, Redlithium batteries allow you to work, without power fading or performance waning.

More Power and Longer Life With 20 percent more power, Redlithium M18 battery packs rival the power output and performance of large AC power tools, but with all the benefits of cordless.

Redlithium batteries are also more durable than comparable models, offering 50 percent more recharges, and this gives them a longer lifespan and cuts down on buying replacements. Work in Any Condition To make the Milwaukee M18 tool range even more versatile, these battery packs are suitable for use in temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, with no reduction in performance.

Because the batteries run 20 percent cooler than regular lithium-ion models, they also run for longer and in hot conditions, without power-fade, memory loss or failure. To minimize downtime, purchase a battery charger that allows you to charge up to four M18 batteries simultaneously. For increased strength and durability, these batteries include shock-responsive separators, a single-piece cell carrier, and a rubber overmold.

This eliminates the danger of battery damage or failure as a result of extended use, excessive vibration and impact damage. To get even more per charge, you can upgrade to the M18 Redlithium 2.

The M18 Redlithium XC 4. Redlink Intelligence is an on-board electrical system that optimizes tool performance. This technology enhances communication between the Redlithium battery and the motor, which improves overall performance, efficiency and productivity. It also increases safety by detecting early indicators of overheating and protecting against excessive thermal buildup to prevent heat damage and optimize the lifespan of the tools.

These Milwaukee brushless motors are more efficient and provide more power and torque than comparable motors, to improve performance and reduce the time it takes to finish a job. Powerstate motors also run cooler and quieter and, because of their durable construction and components, need less-frequent maintenance.

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Because the Redlithium batteries are compatible with the entire M18 and M18 Fuel range, you can purchase M18 Fuel tools to get more power and tackle even tougher jobs when the need arises, without the need for bulkier corded power tools. If you already have an impressive array of Milwaukee M18 tools, a standalone tool or two to round out your collection is a fine choice. However, if you like to be prepared for any eventuality and like to have all the necessary accessories on hand, investing in Milwaukee tool sets make more sense.

A set usually consists of the tool, all the extras, and a carrying case for easy storage. The key to making the right purchase is to look at the bigger picture. Loaded with technology to help you optimize your productivity and performance, these cordless power tools are compact and comparatively lightweight while still delivering unrivaled power and durability. Applicators Manual applicators are hard to use, require you to exert large amounts of force and offer little in the way of control.Forums New posts Search forums.

What's new New posts Latest activity Trending Threads. Members Registered members Current visitors. Calendar Monthly Upcoming Events. New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Idiots guide to Milwaukee Location North Yorkshire. There seams to be a few different models of each can somebody that understands these things give me a potted summary of what's what please?

Presume I'd be best buying the Fuel battery powered ones? Location Devon, UK. Lofty Member. Location Cardiff. ACEngineering Member. Location Oxon. Location pembrokeshire. ACEngineering said:. This is what I just bought for day the other week.

I know you didn't ask for grinder just saying Tool station are doing the bottom of the range brushed combi drill and grinder kit if your not fussed on having decent performance and just maybe the off DIY job about the house?

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If I was you and wanted a decent combi drill and the top spec impact wench then I would look at buying the following. Crikey that drill is double the torque of my new bosh, and it near breaks my arms.

The fuel range is the brushless motors. Model numbers explained as I see it? I see some that have a carry bag and they have the letter B not X? Pins are a pain in the back side takes longer to change sockets you don't want one of them.Search by model number in the drop-down search field. If more than one match is displayed, continue on to match type numbers. Match type numbers. Type numbers go by "Type1," "Type 2" etc Bosch Bosch uses a typical model number system.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Bosch calls their type numbers "engineering numbers. Bostitch Bostitch model numbers vary. No type numbers for Dirt Devil vacuums. Echo Echo model numbers start with letter. Echo uses more than one type number system. Some Echo type numbers fall within a range of numbers. Eureka Model numbers can be numbers or letters. Type numbers are usually combined with model numbers. Hitachi Hitachi products have model numbers like normal. Hitachi products do not have type numbers.

Hoover Model numbers start with letters. Do not have type numbers Karcher Model numbers are letter-number combinations. Type numbers are eight formatted numbers. Makita Makita products have model numbers like normal. Makita products do not have type numbers. Metabo type numbers usually start with "0". Milwaukee calls their type numbers " serial numbers " SER. Milwaukee calls their type numbers "serial numbers" SER. Type numbers go by " Type1, " " Type 2 " etc.

Ridgid Ridgid products have model numbers like normal. Ridgid products do not have type numbers. RotoZip type numbers usually begin with an "F". Ryobi Most Ryobi products only have model numbers, but There is a major exception to this. Some Skil products also have serial numbers.

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It also explains how to quickly find model and type numbers for many brands. When searching for a tool or machine part at eReplacementParts. Even when a model or type number is only different by one digit, the parts for that model or type may not be compatible with other models and types.

Each manufacturer uses a different model and type number system, and manufacturers often call type numbers by different names. Some type numbers are especially difficult to find on the tool or machine. This article provides explanations and pictures for finding model numbers and type numbers for several tool and machine brands, making it easier to order the right part for the right tool.

Explanations are listed below alphabetically by brand, but first, some additional information about model numbers and type numbers will be helpful. For example, two different power sander designs from the same brand would be distinguished by having two different model numbers. This is true for every brand, that they separate major designs by model number.The circular saw can generate the power of 15amp corded saws, cut faster than 15amp corded worm drive saws and provide you with up to cuts per charge.

Using a nitrogen air spring mechanism, the finish nailer consistently sinks nails to the proper depth in hard and soft woods while leaving clean nail holes matching the head of the nail.

By converting energy into power and torque more effectively, this motor has up to 4X the amount of power-generating components than competitive brushless motors. Each motor is uniquely designed for each M18 tool to deliver optimal performance Delivers up to 4X more power vs standard brushless motors Extends tool life by 2X by reducing wearable parts.

Overload Protection prevents damage to the tool and battery caused by overloading or overheating. Our exclusive integration of chemistry, pack design and circuitry come together for superior output in the harshest environments. You are currently on milwaukeetool. Driven to Outperform Learn More.

Now Available.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Learn More. Pipe Threader. Coming Soon. M18 Fuel Technology. The M18 Fuel Line Up. Clear All Filters. Loading Results. Milwaukee is the industry leader in cordless fastening. Concrete Solutions. Outdoor Power Equipment. We work with landscape maintenance professionals to understand their requirements for performance, durability, and ergonomics, developing outdoor power equipment solutions that have the power to outperform competitive 18V, higher voltage and gas-powered solutions.

All of these specialty tools are designed with the user in mind, increasing productivity by eliminating the needs for cords or hoses. M18 System Compatibility. You Might Also Like. Get Connected. Email Address Field 'Email Address' is required.

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By signing up, you agree to receive emails from Milwaukee with news and other information. To unsubscribe at any time, go to Privacy Policy. Sign Me Up! Be the first to know about special offers, new product launches and events. Email Address Field 'EmailAddress' is required. Zip Code Field 'ZipCode' is required. The signup process has failed, please try again some other time.The Harley Davidson Universe is large which can lead to plenty of confusion.

Our goal is to help clarify some of the perplexity surrounding Harley's Model abbreviations and aid you in better understanding some of HD's frequently used names, acronyms and styles. In the world of two-wheels, a Harley is not simply a 'Harley. Each family has a set of features that makes them unique.

Once inside the family, however, there's plenty of variety Before we get to the abbreviations and their meaning, it is worth noting where you might find them on your specific bike.

As a general rule when it comes to Harley abbreviations the following three standards apply: 1st Letter: This signifies the engine series. This is usually where the confusion occurs since Harley tends to use the same letter to designate different features of a bike.

Starting at the top, the Touring models are the largest model bike Harley offers.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Considered the modern day Granddaddy of the Harley Family, Touring Models generally feature saddlebags, larger storing capacity, as well as extra room to accommodate those long road trips. They are also great for riders who plan to travel two-up with a passenger with regularity and need a bit of extra room for their passenger. Next in line, the Softail Models.

milwaukee model numbers explained

Harley's Softail lineup offers the traditional hard-tail look with the benefits of a more forgiving, yet hidden suspension system. For riders who prioritize comfort or who simply need a bike that will have more 'give' over bumps in the road, the Softail is an excellent choice. This is also a great choice for riders who like to ride solo or two-up.

For Harley-Davidson introduced the brand-new Softail platform. Based on a Mono-shock design, the new Softail is Harley's new platform. The Dyna Model was first introduced in the early 's and offers a big-twin engine with trademark Harley style. While the suspension is hidden on the Softail models, the Dyna is easily distinguished by its traditional exposed coil suspension. Compared to the Sportster Models, the Dyna is distinguishable by virtue of its larger engine and in some cases slightly larger gas tanks.

The Harley Sportster Models are a smaller size bike in the Harley family and offer great versatility for either solo or two-up riding.

Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

Sportsters are offered with two motor size options - either cc or cc. Perhaps the most unique model in Harley's lineup, the V-Rod's feature a distinct engine that was developed jointly with Porsche. The V-Rod Models are power packed with a Revolution Engine that utilizes overhead cams and liquid cooling.

Harley rounds out their lineup with trikes and their new Street Bike series as they continue to expand into new markets - offering a bike or trike for just about anyone on the road. Touring Models Starting at the top, the Touring models are the largest model bike Harley offers. V-Rod Models Perhaps the most unique model in Harley's lineup, the V-Rod's feature a distinct engine that was developed jointly with Porsche.

Recent Posts.Especially when the manufacturers launch different models that, on the face of it, look very similar. Milwaukee have done just that, adding a third level of cordless tools to their already significant M18 range.

To aid the selection process, use the following as a guide, in order of the highest performance to the lowest. Possibly the highest performing cordless range available to date and our recommendation for performance and reliability. Performance specifications are similar to the Brushless range, but the brushed motors will require more maintenance for the lifetime of the tool.

Protrade have made an informed decision to only stock and promote the Fuel range of power tools, where possible, due to the significant increase in performance and reliability when compared to the Brushless and Brushed range. We also exclusively offer a full three years warranty on the tools, batteries and chargers with no registration required — see more details here.

Telephone Mon-Fri and website orders are still being taken. All Depots remain closed. Milwaukee Cordless Range Explained. Selecting the right power tool for the job can be a confusing task… Especially when the manufacturers launch different models that, on the face of it, look very similar.

Discover More. Power Tool Support Package Additional warranty cover as standard on selected power tools. Open a Trade Account Get access to exclusive trade prices and much more by applying today.

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Talk to a Protrade specialist for expert advice on 60 20 Talk To a Specialist. Send me deals.

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